You CAN Do It!

Are you worried you won’t be able to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions? It’s true that not many people end up reaching their New Year’s goals. Only about 12%, according to a recent study, actually meet their goals. Here are some tips to help you stick to your resolutions:

  1. Be specific. Rather than setting a general goal like “Get healthier,” identify the details. Specific goals like “Go to yoga class twice a week” or “Have a salad at least every other day,” are quantifiable goals that you can check in on and make reality.
  2. Be realistic. The best way to fall short of your goals are to make them unattainable. For example, a goal like “Never eating my favorite dessert again” is a great way to set you up to fail. But “Only eating my favorite dessert on holidays” is something that might be more realistic.
  3. Write it down. Writing down exactly what you’re going to do, step-by-step, helps avoid that overwhelming feeling and frustration that can come from trying to tackle a large task.
  4. Make time. Make it part of your weekly schedule. Make an appointment with yourself so that it becomes part of your routine.
  5. Get a partner. Having someone to help hold you accountable, whether it’s a friend, personal trainer, or even a group, makes sticking with something new much more enjoyable. Just make sure they are supportive and positive!
  6. Move past doubts. You’ll naturally feel worry, fear, or just uncomfortable trying something new, whether it’s a new food, or a new class, or a new routine. Keep your thoughts positive. You CAN do it!