Vacation Time!

How in the world does a person stay healthy while away?

Here are five tips that could help with that question.  Remember that you are on vacation and the main goal is to be relaxed and escape from stress.  Don’t allow your mind to worry about everything that could go wrong.  There may be a little pre-planning needed but nothing too extensive.

Tip #1

Make a commitment- NO EXCUSES!!  Understand the importance of keeping up with your daily routine so that when you come back from vacation it won’t be as hard to hit the gym again.  This is where you can plan ahead.  Check to see if there is a hotel that is equipped with a gym to your liking.  Make sure that there are amenities to suit your needs.

Tip #2

No weights? Don’t Fret!  You would be surprised at what your body can do by itself.  You won’t lose muscle mass because you are moving your own body weight around.  The only way you will decrease your fitness is if you stay sedentary or are not exercising at all.  Find a place for push exercises, pull exercises, leg exercises, and core exercises.  Try pushups or handstand pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, inverted rows, lunges, squats, planks, and hanging leg raises…you can be basic or modify and be creative with different variations.  Play grounds make great gyms – just be aware that you may get the awkward stare as you do pull-ups next to the toddler on the swing.

Tip #3

Walk everywhere! You may have a car, and it may seem more appealing to drive places, but dedicate yourself to staying active.  Walking gives you the opportunity to see your destination, take advantage of the beautiful scenery, and go out of the city and explore.  Your family or friends may even decide to join you!  Consider running or renting a bike.  Think outside of what you may have chosen in the past- you are on a fit journey with no destination!

Tip #4

Do NOT over eat!  It is vacation and no one wants to cook, we get it.  If you have planned ahead, you probably know where to find a restaurant with healthier choices.  When on vacation we tend to think that it’s ok to eat whatever we want and the amount does not matter.  Please get rid of this mindset.  If your family or friends are not on the same fit journey as you, that’s ok.  Make them aware of what your intentions are before going to the restaurant so that they won’t tempt you or pressure you to order something you are not comfortable with.  YOU CAN’T OUT RUN OR OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET.

Tip #5

Sleep! Your body needs to rest.  Make sure that you are not pushing through jet lag or time changes.  The body grows muscle while you sleep.