The modern mom is a BUSY mom. Between working, cooking, cleaning, carting kids to and from every imaginable activity, grocery shopping, paying bills, and the list goes on and on and on…

Are you one of these moms? Do you know one of these moms? They are amazing to say the least! But many of these busy ladies have trouble finding time for themselves, especially when it comes to exercising! Here are some tips to help Mom find time to get some exercise and stay healthy and happy!

  • Set a schedule. When you have an appointment, you go. So make a workout appointment. Look at your weekly schedule and make a few appointments. NO CANCELLATIONS!
  • Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier. I know, this is a hard one. But a quick workout and some “me” time before the day begins is so worth it!
  • Have a plan. Plan what exercises you’re going to do beforehand. This will help you make the most of your time!
  • Include your kids. Kids love to play with mommy! Run or walk with your stroller. Do yoga. Go swimming. Play tag. Start a family game of soccer or basketball. Just get moving!
  • Work out at the playground. Try tricep dips on the bench, pushups, step-ups, pull ups on the monkey bars, jog around the perimeter. Don’t feel silly-have fun!
  • Trade childcare with a friend or partner. One person works out while the other one watches the kids and then switch. Find a group and rotate days of the week!
  •  Use your kids’ extracurricular activity time to work out. Drop the kids off at practice or lessons and head to the gym!
  •  Quick workouts are okay. You might not have an hour to spend at the gym like you used to. Even 10 minutes is better than nothing – make it quick and intense!
  •  Find the right gym. Find a gym that’s close to your house, work, or school. Look for fitness classes that might fit into your schedule and ensure an efficient, quick workout. 24-hour gyms can also be super convenient!

Happy Mother’s Day!