Summer Strength

Summer is here! And we all want to get outside and soak in those rays. Of course, for many of us that means exercising outside in the form of jogging, walking, hiking, biking, etc. As a result, we drop the gym membership for the summer thinking we’ll save some money and get our tan on, all while burning those calories out in Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, this is a mistake. Most of the outdoor activities that we love focus on our cardiovascular fitness and bypass the strength aspect of our fitness. Who cares, right? Well, you should care. Strength training has many benefits that you don’t want to miss out on all summer.

Here are just a few benefits that should make you rethink dropping that gym membership and those weights.

  • Burn calories. Muscle burns about 3 times as many calories as body fat at rest.
  • Strengthen bones. Weight training increases bone density, which decreases risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis.
  • Reduce risk of injury. Stronger ligaments, tendons, joints, and connective tissue decrease risk of injury from everyday activities and even improve athletic performance.
  • Improve balance and reduce the risk of falls. Muscle mass naturally declines as we age, making us at risk for falls. Strength training can reduce the risk of falls by about 30%!
  • Improve posture. Strengthening your back, shoulders, and core will help improve your posture and prevent back pain.
  • Look better. Strength training can help improve your physique by helping to add tone and shape to your muscles.
  • Time management. You don’t need to spend hours pounding the weights. As little as 60 minutes per week can work wonders.
  • Stay heart healthy. Doing a regular resistance routine has been shown to lower blood pressure, in some cases as effectively as taking medication.
  • Live longer. Studies indicate that the more muscle mass we have, the less likely we are to die prematurely.