Full Body Workout…No Equipment Necessary

Although equipment can greatly enhance the quality of our workouts, it’s not always necessary in order for a workout to be effective. Try this full body workout using no equipment, or take a few of the exercises and fit them into your regular routine.

Go through this series 3 times (3-sets).

50-100 Jumping Jacks
5-10 Push-ups
20-40 Crab Toe Touches (Start seated. Knees bent, feet flat on ground. Hands behind you under shoulders, finger tips facing your body. Push hips up to the sky to mimic a table top. Lift right leg and touch with left hand. Repeat on the other side.)
5-10 Tricep Push-ups (Hands under your shoulders or just outside, making a narrow stance. When lowering your body down like a traditional push-up, elbows should stay close by your sides.)
10-15 Supermen (Lie on your stomach. Hands extended out in front of you and while keeping your hips planted to the floor raise you arms, chest, toes, and quads from the ground. Trying not to bend your knees.)
10-15 Sit-ups or Crunches

Then go through this series 3 times (3-sets).

10-15 Right Lunges, Left Lunges, Squats (Lunge forward with your right foot, then bringing it back to starting point, then lunge forward with your left foot and bringing it back to the starting point. Place both feet in squat stance and perform one squat.)
30-60 Mountain Climbers (Start in plank position on your hands. Alternate bringing your right knee and left knee to your chest.)
10-20 Bridges or Single Leg Bridges (Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat. Raise your hips off the ground creating a bridge. Lower hips back down to the ground and repeat lifting your hips to the sky. For single leg bridges, simply lift one leg to the sky while the other leg is bent.)
:20 – :40 (20-40 seconds) Wall-sits (Find a flat wall and stand against it. Now lower yourself down where your hips are in line with your knees. Knees and toes should line up creating a 90 degree angle.)
5-10 Walk-outs (Feet planted on the ground, walk hands out to plank position, tap each shoulder once, walk hands back to feet, and stand.)
30-60 Russian Twists (Start seated. Your feet can either be touching the floor while knees are bent or suspended in the air for more intensity. Twist your upper body to one side and then to the other.)