Eat Mindfully!

Do you enjoy each and every bite of each and every meal? Well you should! For many of us, eating is something that has become stressful, rushed, dreaded, avoided, or simply forgotten. Have you ever eaten your entire meal and not really remembered doing it?

For humans, eating is meant to be a relaxing, social, enjoyable, and nourishing part of our day. It’s why we love to feast on holidays, meet friends for lunch, and have ice cream socials at church. Food has a talent for bringing people together and nourishing us physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

Eating mindfully can help us to improve our weight and overall health. It helps to decrease overeating because we are fully present for our meal. Our brains don’t “miss” the meal, which in turn allows us to feel satisfied. It also allows us to listen to our body’s cues to stop eating when we’re full. Eating mindfully helps improve digestion as well. Not being distracted or rushed when eating allows our body’s nervous system to kick into rest and digest mode, which is crucial for optimal digestion.

So think about how you eat. Do you eat in a mindful way or are you a victim of mindless eating? Here are some ways to practice mindful eating: