Benefits of Group Fitness

As children, we love to play with our friends and when we become adolescents we still find that we like to have our friends around.  When we become adults, there is still the desire to enjoy our friends but for many of us there just doesn’t seem to ever be enough time to hang out.  Group fitness can allow you hang out with friends and stay physically healthy.

Group fitness is a group of individuals led by an instructor.  The instructor finds many different styles and formats to keep the class interesting. Many people are nervous about group fitness and feel that others will judge them, but the class is there to help everyone.  From beginners to advanced participants, everyone will enjoy the class and get an awesome workout!

Here are just a couple of reasons that group fitness is effective:

  1. Motivation. It is inspiring to be around like minded folks.  A class full of encouraging, empowering, and supportive people makes everyone push harder and further than they would by themselves.
  2. Accountability. You must show up and give 100% or the class will be asking where you have been.  The accountability will prevent you from skipping the gym.
  3. Fun. Most of the time people take classes for the social environment.  Don’t let a workout become tedious and daunting.
  4. Structure. New to the gym?  Not sure where to start?  Do you have proper form?  What exercises should I do?  All these questions will be answered by the instructor.  Group fitness is almost like having a personal trainer.